The Best Places to Have Sex in Public

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The Best Places to Have Sex in Public

Sex is an integral part of the relationship of a couple in love. You can diversify your intimate life and make it brighter and more interesting not only by changing your posture in bed. The bed is the most comfortable place to make love. But sometimes, you want new emotions and impressions. Sex in public places will help you get them, the most popular ten of which are presented in this article.

Where to have public sex

Public transport

Sex in a car can hardly be called public. Such pleasures are practiced by many couples in love. But few people were lucky enough to make love on a bus or train. In crowded public transport, sex is unlikely to be enjoyable. If there are few passengers, it is quite possible to sit in the back seats of the bus or find a half-empty carriage on the train. To have sex on the train, tickets can be purchased in a separate compartment. However, this will be less public than enjoying petting when other people are around. You can protect yourself from prying eyes by hanging a sheet. However, you will have to restrain your emotions so as not to attract the attention of passengers with specific sounds. Not everyone copes with this task. After all, sex on a train is very exciting.

Dressing room

Long shopping trips are usually not to the liking of men. However, a not very interesting activity can be brightened up with public sex in a fitting room, especially when it comes to a lingerie store. It is enough to take a couple of sets and invite your boyfriend to the fitting room so that he appreciates the choice. In large shopping centers, there are so many visitors that it will hardly be noticed that someone lingered for a long time in the fitting room. However, it should be noted that surveillance cameras may be installed in some stores. Otherwise, you can become a YouTube star. Sex in the fitting room will especially appeal not only to those who like public but also to those who like to admire themselves and their partner during intimacy. There are always mirrors here.

The roof of the house is the most popular romantic date. So why not crown this meeting with passionate public sex. The taller the building, the more interesting it is. The lovers have a beautiful view of the city. Fresh air and a sense of closeness to the sky add to the thrill. The risk of being caught is minimal, especially at night. During daylight hours, masters may appear on the roof to troubleshoot, but for lovers in passion, this is not a problem. Of course, public sex on the roof is possible only in a warm season. For winter romance, it is better to choose other places. It is important during public sex not to approach the edge of the roof. In moments of passion, lovers often do not control their actions, which can be dangerous.


When a man and a woman find themselves in a confined space alone, it is almost impossible to cope with the desire. Many are thirsty to find themselves with the object of passion in the elevator. This popular erotic fantasy is quite realizable. Any multi-story building has this lifting mechanism. However, in this case, one must be prepared for condemnation and, possibly, the envy of others, which will certainly notice the interruptions in the operation of the elevator. After all, for a while, you will have to press the emergency stop button in order to have time to enjoy the process and not appear in front of strangers at the most pleasant moment.


Sex at an altitude of 10,000 meters above the ground is a great reason to brag, an opportunity to replenish the collection of intimate memories, as well as become a member of the Ten-Thousanders Club, which includes those who are lucky enough to make love on the liner. As a rule, there are many passengers in the aircraft cabin. If the flight is planned for a long time, you will have to wait until everyone is asleep. You can retire in a toilet stall. However, it should be remembered that sex in the public toilet of an airplane is prohibited. For such acts, some airlines will be forced to pay a huge fine. The observance of the rules is monitored by flight attendants, from whom it is not easy to hide. In order not to attract attention, you can take turns to go to the public toilet while the flight attendants are busy serving food or drinks.


A cinema is not only a place to watch movies. The back rows are often used for something other than their intended purpose. It is better to give preference tonight sessions, which, as a rule, have a small number of spectators. However, many are turned on by the element of publicity. Having public sex in a room with strangers is very unusual. In the dark, the details of the process are not visible; however, those present by the sounds and nature of the movements will guess what the lovers are doing. Few people venture into ordinary sexual intercourse in the cinema. Delivering oral pleasure to a partner in such a public place will not be difficult.

Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel is the most romantic attraction as if designed especially for lovers. Enjoying the opening views and kissing - it would seem that there is nothing more pleasant. However, some people choose the Ferris wheel for sex as well. To do this, you should give preference to an attraction with closed booths. That way, people around them won't be able to see what the couple is doing. In addition, closed booths are safer. Indeed, in a fit of passion, you can forget about caution. Particularly public lovers choose open cabins. In order to enjoy the process to its fullest, it is better to pay for two or three circles immediately. For quick sex, one rental is quite enough because the attraction moves quite slowly.

Under the water

Many couples enjoy sex in water. The feeling of weightlessness and smooth movements make the sensation of intercourse even more pleasant than in normal conditions. And sex underwater excites not only with special sensations but also with publicness. Even scuba diving itself is public entertainment. What can we say about sex underwater? The mask and other attributes for diving will not allow you to enjoy the caresses and kisses fully. The very same public sexual intercourse will deliver an unforgettable experience. It`s almost impossible to use a condom in water. Therefore, public sex is best practiced with a regular partner.

Top of the Mountain - Most Public Sex Place

Joint hikes are to the taste of many couples. It is always interesting to experience unforgettable impressions together and conquer the most real peaks. For some, fatigue does not prevent them from enjoying public sex. From the height, a beautiful view opens up, fresh air and the pleasure of achieving the goal join it. The risk of being seen at the top of the mountain is very small. Here a couple can only be seen by climbers and the same travelers. Rising to an altitude of more than 3 thousand km, it is worth considering that the air temperature here is much lower than below. In addition, the atmosphere can be thin, making breathing difficult. Therefore, you should not climb too high.

Sex in public places is a way to take a fresh look at the relationship with a partner. However, in any public, there is always a danger. This can be both the risk of injury and the likelihood that strangers will see you. Therefore, even in passion, you should not forget about security.

Public places to have sex and not get caught

Passion can overtake you at the most unexpected moment, and it is not necessary to endure until the bedroom. Although there is no direct prohibition on sex in public places, it can be regarded as petty hooliganism. Love joys in playgrounds threaten with accusations of lecherous actions, and in the cemetery - of desecration of the bodies of the dead. All this is fraught with punishments in the form of fines, correctional labor, and even prison terms. So try to find a smaller place or make sure there are no witnesses nearby.

If the desire has seized you in a restaurant, nightclub, or supermarket, then the toilet is perhaps the only place where you can hide from prying eyes. Hurry up while there is still such an opportunity. For example, at a resort in Wales, public toilets are about to be equipped with weight sensors to "prevent inappropriate sexual activity." It is not yet clear how the issue will be resolved with very obese people or disabled people who need outside help.

The tent gives the feeling of a private space where you can come off. Nobody really sees you. But everything is perfectly audible from the outside. If you do not want to run into giggles with advice, try to do without loud screams.

Hot springs seem like the perfect place to have sex. You are warm; you are relaxed; the jets pleasantly caress the body. But, as with any body of water, you are left without natural lubricant. This means that you should have a silicone lubricant on hand. Another point: hot springs are usually equipped for family recreation or wellness, which leaves little chance of privacy.

An orgasm under a waterfall is an unforgettable experience. True, not everyone manages to achieve it, given the temperature of the water.

The boat allows you to go a decent distance from the coast and finally be alone. Only birds flying overhead will see you. But you have to have sex slowly and carefully so as not to roll over.