How to Text a Girl for the First Time

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How to text a girl for the first time

Talking to a girl who likes the Internet is easier than in life. You have the ability to find out everything about her: where she works or study, what she enjoys, what films she watches and what kind of music she listens to. But what to text to her in the first message on social networks so that the girl would pay attention and want to continue the texting? In this article, you will find out what you should text in the first message and what should not be there, and you will find several examples of successful online dating.

Before starting texting, you need to make your page on social networks look presentable. Choose a good photo, fill out the "About Me" section, beautiful post photos, etc. After that, choose a girl from your city, filter out fake accounts, and find common interests, possible topics for conversation.

The first message in the texting should be short but should directly or indirectly answer three main questions that any girl will surely have after she reads your message.

These ones are:

  • Introducing: what is your name, how did you find it on the net;
  • Purpose of acquaintance: to text, have fun, go on a date;
  • The reason you chose her is: what do you have in common, what did you like about her.
  • The order of these theses can vary depending on the situation.

You should interest the girl, make her pay attention to you. You don't have to write a lot of text or come up with complex greetings for this. 1-2 well-chosen simple sentences for texting are enough. Remember to text hello and introduce yourself by the name your friends call you. Notwithstanding that the page already has your name, but a presentation is a simple form of etiquette when meeting someone.

Don't know what excuse to come up with for texting? The desire to text is already a great excuse for the first message. Do not intimidate the girl by texting regarding the desire to have a family and children, even if you are really seeking a future spouse.

Study her page carefully - pay attention to books, music, films, and the public. How is a girl different from others? What is she proud of? What unites you?

Text what you saw on her page a photo from a recent concert of your favorite band. Show the girl that she is not just another girl to whom you copy-paste the prepared text, but that the girl is special. She`ll become at least interested in what kind of person you are, and she will want to continue texting.

What to text a girl to start a conversation

In the era of scientific and technological progress, dating through the Internet is the most popular. Every user has a computer with access to the worldwide network. This is not only a source of information but also an opportunity to text, find new friends. The Internet has long replaced post and telegraph services. The answer can be received instantly, no need to wait.

If you can't find a soul mate in real life, you can try in a virtual one. The social network is a popular dating place for today's youth. It's easy and safe to meet here, so most of the guys are looking for a soul mate here.

Online dating has several benefits. In the profile, you can immediately see if a girl has a boyfriend, what she is interested in, what films and music she is interested in. You don't need to buy flowers and sweets, dinner at a cafe to find out what it is. There is always an opportunity to choose the best candidate for a date using texting.

For a successful first message to a girl, you need to briefly and succinctly text the purpose of the appeal. Sometimes you can speak directly about the desire to get to know each other, but it is more effective to use any excuse. Don't forget your page needs to look proper, double-check your grammar and get ready to deal with objections.

Do not pressure the girl; keep a positive attitude and remember that the purpose of your first message is to meet. Texting just for the sake of texting, in this case, does not make sense. And if at first the girl refused to meet with you, but continued the texting, then you just have to wait. Give the girl a couple of days to get to know you better.

What you can't start texting with: the most common mistakes

Banality. The first message must be original. You can't start texting with trivial phrases, for example: “Hello! How are you?". If you text something like that - in 9 cases out of 10 she will simply ignore the message;

Sexual hints. And this includes not only messages of the type: "I would like to look at you up close!" But "compliments" to the figure of the girl, even if she herself put a profile photo of herself in a swimsuit.

Use of slang expressions. If the girl decided to ignore you or immediately refused (even in a rude form), in no case should you humiliate her? Even if you never meet again, remain a gentleman;

The presence of grammatical mistakes. Check what you text. Pay special attention to the commas. No one will pay attention if there are minor punctuation errors in the texting, but the misunderstanding of the grammar of the language will definitely scare a girl away;

Deception. Using a "fake" page or one where there are no personal photos. Put yourself in the girl's shoes: would you be in her place to meet a person who has no friends on the page and has a Hollywood actor or the latest Lamborghini model as a profile photo?

First text message to a girl

Often young people are embarrassed to approach a girl on the street to get to know each other. If you find it difficult to find eye contact or are intimidated by dating in public places, try using the internet. Apply smartness, persistence, sense of humor, choosing beautiful phrases for acquaintance. You are guaranteed success; you will forget about loneliness. After all, it is very important for a person to have a soul mate.

If you don't have a girlfriend in mind, then check out the profiles of several beauties. To do this, you should use the search. Choose a girl who lives in your city. Then it will be easier to meet because the distance can become a serious obstacle to your relationship. You should like the girl outwardly or have common interests with you.

When studying girls, pay attention to the user's page. To find a real girl, you need to make sure you're not on a fake page. If there are enough photos in the profile, they have the same person; then this increases the chance of finding a normal and adequate girl. Study her profile, so it will be easier for you to find common interests, choose a topic for conversation.

Perhaps you have mutual friends. Then you can ask them who you are going to text with. You need to look at your marital status. If a girl is engaged, married, dating, or in love, then there is no need to destroy her personal life. If there are no hints of marriage or relationship, there is a chance that a beautiful girl is free.

Your profile must be relevant. Curious people will definitely look at your page, get acquainted with your posts, hobbies and occupation. Design your profile accordingly. Post statuses, pictures that reflect your principles of life. This makes it easier to attract girls' attention. Your profile should be free of vulgarity and vulgarity to make a good impression of you. The girl will definitely look at your friend's list. If there are a lot of women in it, the girl will not want to text with you. The girl will not miss the opportunity to test your literacy. Illiterate people are not of particular interest. Viewing your profile is essential to make sure you are not polygamous and a person who is only interested in drinking and hanging out.

Here are three original examples of starting a conversation on social media that you can use as a guide.

Example 1. A beautiful compliment is an original start to a conversation

- Hi Julia! My name is Jackson. I accidentally came across your page and wanted to meet you. The smile in the photo is very charming :)

- Well, hello, Jackson! Thanks for the compliment…

- Maybe we will meet and continue communication outside the Internet?

- I'm sorry, but I don't go on dates with people I don't know well.

- You can go to my page - there is quite a lot of information about me. You won't learn so much about a stranger from the street if someone comes to meet you :) I also have a Rottweiler. Maybe we will meet and take a walk with the dogs? How about tomorrow night?

-Good. Here is my number XXXXXXXXX.

Example 2. A common passion - travel

- Hello Mary! I searched the news for the Grand Canyon hashtag and accidentally ended up on your page. I saw that we are both from the same city and that you went there this summer. It won't take long if I ask several questions about the trip? I forgot to introduce myself - my name is Tom)

- Hey! Nice to meet you :) Very few people get to the Grand Canyon from our city - it is closer to go abroad now and cheaper than to such a distance. Ask what you want. I will try to answer)

- Maybe we will meet somewhere for a cup of coffee? I think it will be more convenient this way. In general, I really like to travel. I can tell you more interesting routes)

- And why not?)) Now I am busy, but it is possible tomorrow after work. I finish work at 8. Is it okay?

- Yes, it's convenient. Leave your number, please. In case I lose you there)

- XXXXXXXXX see you)

- Have a nice day)

Example 3. How to meet a girl who likes music

- Hello, Kate! My name is Alex. I saw the photos and videos that you recently posted on Instagram, and I wanted to ask how it went? I didn't manage to go, but the day after tomorrow they will perform in another city. Am I thinking - to go or not?

- Good morning! Of course, go! Everything went well)

- Great) And I have another question: would you like to meet and talk in person? I looked at your profile and realized that we have common interests. We can meet tonight and have coffee.

- To be honest, I am skeptical about such proposals ...

- It doesn`t oblige you to anything) Besides, we will be in a public place.

- Okay, we can try

- Let's meet at 8 pm. And text your phone number please)

- XXXXXXXXXXX. I am waiting for a call!

It is not necessary to text for a long time virtually. Otherwise, you will only text on the social network. Find out the girl's number, make an appointment. Don't call right away; there should be a pause. You do not need to give your number first because the girl will not call first. On a date, you need to be yourself. Here you will not be able to use the beautiful template phrases from the Internet. Be friendly, and you will succeed.